Push Up Racks

Push Up Rack System is a great way to get in shape. The 9-In-1 Push-Up Rack System is a unique color-coded magnetic push-up rack system that sculpts and strengthens your upper body (back, shoulders, chest, legs, and abs) while engaging all of your core muscles. The system comes with a comprehensive set of workout instructions, a personal trainer guide, and three specially designed push-up workout stations. Each station features an individual adjustable height, allowing for maximum range of motion during each exercise.


With a single push up per workout, you’re guaranteed to build muscle and tone the body while reducing your risk for injury. A full-body workout is made easy with the special training equipment found in the push up rack system. You can perform hundreds of exercises in just one set using the built-in resistance systems.


The resistance systems include: resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, resistance belts, and adjustable weight plates. Each resistance system has its own set of exercises which are designed to work each muscle group. There’s no need to purchase additional equipment or hire a personal trainer to give you help if you aren’t sure what exercises you need to do.


Each workout station includes: Push Ups, Dumbbells, Barbells, and Stands. Each station offers two different resistance settings: low-low and high-high.


When it comes to the workout itself, the system comes with detailed workout instructions to help get you started on the right foot. It has a comprehensive training guide that teaches how to properly perform each of the exercises without any fancy gadgets. The book also includes a variety of video tutorials. All the exercises in the book have been thoroughly tested and are safe for use. If you find yourself losing motivation along the way, there is a stop button at the end of each workout session that allows you to return to where you left off and resume where you left off at another time.


There are six unique exercise stations that allow you to do Push Ups using the push-ups machines. With the push-ups stations, you can do several exercises at once. There are no sets in the set, so you’ll get the best exercise for your whole body. When working out on the bench press up machines, you have to work a larger muscle group than usual to get the desired result.


The workout book and videos in this kit are also easy to follow, so you won’t have any trouble getting started and getting through a full set of workouts. Once you get started on the videos, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll burn fat, build strength, and increase your cardio and metabolism. With a total body workout like this, you can expect to gain an hour per hour in total body fat loss.


With over 500 different exercises, including variations for each part of the body, it’s hard to imagine how you can do all the Push Ups in a single set. The system gives you an option to add or modify your workouts as needed so you can achieve your desired results, whatever that may be.


There are many other great benefits to owning this perfect workout station. It includes an adjustable seat, which means you don’t need to stand still if you want to sit down, and it provides extra support when performing exercises. You don’t even need a bench to do this great workout, because of the built in ones included.


One of the best features of these Push Ups racks is the built-in monitor. It’s great for seeing when your form isn’t perfect and showing you the results. As long as you’re consistent, you’ll soon get the hang of doing them correctly.


Overall, this is a perfect workout station for anyone who wants to get in shape without having to go out and buy a bunch of different equipment. It provides all the features you need to do a great workout that includes weight lifting, resistance, but without the hassle of buying a bunch of different items.


If you’re looking for a perfect workout machine that works the whole body, this is the perfect machine for you. This product provides everything you need to get started with a variety of workouts so you’ll see amazing results and start to lose those unwanted pounds. Get your fitness equipment from FOP today.

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