Push Up Rack Sets

Push up racks are designed to serve the purpose of holding up to twelve extra push ups. The type of bodybuilder you are is going to determine the weight of the rack. The push up rack is very versatile and can be used for any type of push up training.

The first thing you want to do is take a look at your current equipment and see what kind of equipment that will suit your needs. Here is a list of items that will fit into the push up rack.

Ergonomic push up station- The ergonomic push up station has many uses. It can hold the bar vertically in one place and allow for multiple work outs.

Rear deltoid muscle cable attachment- This is used to hold the bar up for the front squat. This is used for either doing front squats, clean or power cleans.

Muscle Pull-Up Attachment- The Muscle Pull-Up Attachment can be used for pulling, which is a great upper body exercise. This attachment is used for both, the pull up, and chin up.

Pushup Rack Sets- A push rack has three sets of three bars, one set is standard and two sets are used for less reps and with more weight. This type of set up is suitable for the beginners.

Standard Bench-Set- The standard bench set allows for multiple set ups and for heavy weights. This is perfect for the muscle builders.

Dumbbell Pushup Stands- These stands are for those that are training new muscle groups and for those that are starting a new push training program. They will hold one dumbbell or two. Pushup Rack Sets- Three sets of three bars are good for the beginners and will continue to grow with their push training. For the muscle builders there is an option for the most versatile sets, the push rack sets that have four sets of three bars.

Barbell Racks- Barbells are used for all of the above exercises and for many other exercises as well. You can find a heavy barbell rack that is adjustable and a lighter weight that are adjustable for the beginners.

Bench-Set- For the novice it is good to start out on a light weight and increase the weight as they get stronger. The heavier weight will hold more weight and will be more comfortable for them.

Pushup Rack sets are a great tool for the beginner, but if you are a muscle builder, then you need a heavier weight. The bigger push rack allows the muscles to get used to it and will make the body stronger. To get your push up rack, make sure you shop at F.O.P.

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