Do You Really Need Dumbbells In Your Workout?

If you’ve ever spent any time at all looking for free weights, dumbbells are a very easy thing to overlook. They can be quite a bit more expensive than free weights but there’s no reason why you can’t get as much exercise from them as you would with free weights.

A common misconception about dumbbells is that they look more impressive than free weights. They can look impressive but if you don’t know how to use them properly they can end up looking a little trashed after a while. Once you’ve got them, you’ll never want to take them off your gym bag again.

Dumbbells will certainly give you more bang for your buck than free weights but they do have their limits. These limits don’t just apply to the weight of the dumbbells you use but to the amount of weight you actually lift.

When you’re using free weights, your muscles won’t lose any of their mass because they’re not being stressed by gravity. You can work out with more weight without risking any injury to your body.

This is fine if you’re just doing light weight exercises but if you want to build muscle you need to use heavier weights. If you try to lift too much weight, you can damage your muscles and make them suffer.

When you start out on free weights, you’re probably going to want to start off with lighter weights than you are now. This means that you won’t be able to pack a lot of muscle on if you just work out on lighter weights but that you’ll be able to work your muscles more.

At first you may be tempted to carry the weights around just to see how it feels. This is fine if you’re just going to be using the dumbbells as a weight for lighter exercises but you don’t want to overdo it.

Don’t buy dumbbells just because you feel like you need them in your workout equipment. Your muscles will suffer if you try to strain them with too much weight and this will make them more strain the next time you use them.

Remember that as long as you’re using the dumbbells to do lighter exercises you won’t be doing as much work. It doesn’t mean that you can put on weight quickly but it does mean that you have to use lighter weights and focus on the exercises.

There are two ways that you can use dumbbells to train your muscles and that’s either you can do a variety of different exercises with them or you can simply work them into your regular workout routine. For example, if you’re doing a leg press then you can use dumbbells for leg raises or you can also use them to do calf raises.

I suggest that you use dumbbells in your workouts and then try to keep to a lower level of weights by using lighter dumbbells in the lower repetition ranges. That way you can get used to using the weight without breaking down your muscles.

Once you’re used to using the dumbbells for lighter weights then you can start working your muscles by gradually lifting them to heavier weights. Doing this will allow you to add more weight with your dumbbells before you get to that point. To get dumbbells and other great fitness equipment, make sure you shop Fitness On Pinterest today.

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