Ab Exercises

Abdominal exercises are a category of strength training that primarily focus on the abdominal muscles and other core body parts. They can be done either standing or seated and there are many exercises to choose from to target all major muscle groups in the abdominal area.


The core muscle groups include the abdominals, the trunk, and lower back. All of these muscles have a role in helping you maintain your balance and posture. Many of these muscles are targeted during abdominal exercises.


Core muscles are important because they help you move your body. For example, when you lift something, such as a grocery bag, your core is working to keep you from falling. When you walk, your back is also working with the muscles in your spine, pelvis, and upper abdomen. If any of these muscles are weak, the whole body will be affected and it can result in a number of medical problems.


It is important that you do not neglect any of these muscle groups and that you are doing them correctly. If you have any injuries at all, make sure that you seek medical attention right away. One of the most common injuries that people have while doing abdominal exercises is back pain.


Core exercises can be done alone and can be incorporated into a full-body workout routine. There are many other ways to target your abdominal muscles and get more in shape than just your abs alone.


If you want to work all the muscles in the abs and hips, for example, there are some great core workout routines that you can use at home or at the gym. There are specific ab exercises that you can do that will target your entire body and give you a toned, defined stomach.


When it comes to working core muscles, you will want to focus on exercises that you can do with no equipment. These types of exercises include walking, jumping jacks, rope climbing, skipping rope, bicycle riding, rowing, swimming, running, cycling, and squatting.


Core exercises will give you all the cardiovascular and weight lifting results that you have been searching for without all of the equipment. The main goal is to tone and strengthen your abs as well as you burn fat and calories to stay in good shape.


There are three basic exercises that you can do that will target your core muscles. You can use a medicine ball, a resistance band, or even a pair of dumbbells. They will all give you the same results, but some of the ones that you will use will be different than others.


One exercise is the side plank. Lie down on your side and bring both hands together under your chest. Now slowly lower your legs and knees until you feel a stretch in your stomach. You can repeat this exercise as many times as possible until you reach a deep stretch.


Another exercise is called the crunch. To perform a crunch, take a barbell and rest the handle on your forearms. Now slowly bring the weight up towards your head, keeping it flat on your shoulders.


If you prefer to use dumbbells, you can do a modified version of the side plank hold a set of dumbbells in each hand and bring them together at a diagonal angle to form a triangle. Bend forward to allow the dumbbells to pass over your neck. Slowly bring the weight to the bottom of your chest, bringing the palms together at the same time.


You can do several variations of crunches by doing a series of side crunches and then going back and forth between them. Do the reverse of this exercise. Keep doing these exercises until you reach a state of complete rest. Get your ab exercise equipment from Fitness On Pinterest today.

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